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Andy Weir
Award-Winning Author of ‘The Martian’

Joan Baez
Folksinger and Activist

Jimmy Jackson
Guitarist; Music Producer; Songwriter

Stewart Purvis CBE
Awardwinning Broadcast Media Pro

Michael Clayton; Kevin Fortuna

Director; Producer ‘The Dunning Man’

Tim Astor; Chris Abernathy
Producers – ‘Actors Anonymous’

Ruken Tekes – ‘The Circle’
Human Rights Expert; Film-Maker

High School Student Film-Makers
Metamorphosis Junior Year

Veronica Roth

Internationally Best-Selling Author

Tess Morris
Screenwriter; BAFTA Breakthrough Brit

Anne Sconberg

Co-Founder Anne & Mark’s Art Party

Tina Brown

Personal Stylist; Fashion Blogger

Jo Baker

Best-Selling Author

Rita Moreno

Oscar-Winning Actress

Pixie Le Knot

Actress and Contortionist

Gavin Hood

Oscar-Winning Director

Liz Miller

Award-Winning Film-Maker; Academic

Niko von Glasow

Award-Winning Filmmaker

Bonnie Greenberg

Award-Winning Music Supervisor

Maira Kalman

Illustrator, Writer and Product Designer

Caitlin Doughty

Bestselling Author And Mortician

Felicia Day

 Actress and Entrepreneur

Edan Lepucki

Best-Selling Author

Trash McSweeney

Singer/Song-Writer of The Red Paintings

Michelle Boley

Film Director, Writer and Producer

Jon Ronson

Bestselling Writer and Film-Maker

Sam Andrew

Of Big Brother and The Holding Co.

Tad Williams

Internationally Best-Selling Author

Nidhi Chanani

Artist, Illustrator, Writer and Proprietor


Stand-Up Comedian and Actor

Kenny Butterill

Singer, Songwriter and Producer

Dina Scoppettone

Fashion Photographer and Academic

John Babcock

2014 Santa Cruz Artist of the Year

Laurie Kilmartin

Stand-Up Comedian and Comedy Writer

Ulla Anobile

Writer and Artist

Mona May

Hollywood Costume Designer

Jonathan Dana

Hollywood Producer

Frances Bromley

Of the Design Company, Scabetti

Richard Stockton

Comedian, Writer and Radio Host

Nancy Horan

New York Times Best-Selling Author

Sam Andrew

Of Big Brother and Holding Company

Sir Harry Cowell

Rock Manager, Producer, Entrepreneur

Michael Marshall Smith

Internationally Bestselling Author



Jane Lynch
Award-Winning Actor

Edward Goldman
Art critic; Host of ‘Art Talk’

Ann Leckie
Record-Breaking Science Fiction Author

Jonathan Safran Foer
Award-Winning Author

Jake Robbins
Lead Actor ‘Actors Anonymous’

Saila Kariat – ‘The Valley’
Director, Writer, Producer

Betsy Franco
Award-Winning Writer; Actress

Hélène Cardona
Award-Winning Poet; Actress

Chris Scheuerman

Film Director, Producer, and Writer

Juliet Sargeant

Award-Winning Garden Designer

Rose Sellery

Award-Winning Artist; Wearable Art

Joe Burke


Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni

Author, Poet, Activist and Teacher

Jim Parrack

Actor; Acting Teacher

Kristopher Jansma

Award-Winning and Best-Selling Author

Ehab Shanti

Founder and CEO of

Wallace Baine

Award-Winning Journalist and Writer

Omar Offendum

Hip-Hop Artist, Poet, Peace Activist

Vincent Diamante

BAFTA-nominated Composer

William Kelley

Internationally Acclaimed Artist

Tom Killion

Woodcut And Letterpress Artist

Ranking Roger

Toaster and Member of The Beat

Rama Chakaki

Founder of Baraka Bits

Daniel Handler aka Lemony Snicket

Best-Selling Author and Musician

Sheila Jeffries

Best-Selling Author and Artist

Tandy Beal

Dancer, Choreographer and Director

Ray Brown

Big Band Composer, Jazz Educator

Azar Nafisi

Author, Essayist and Academic

Gene Luen Yang

Award-Winning Graphic Novel Author

Fernando Rees

Professional Race Car Driver

Chris Jones

Singer-Songwriter and Band-Leader

Ellen Bass

Award-Winning Poet and Author

Dirk Robinson

Author, Actor and Knitting Designer

Jenni Ward

Sculptor and Owner Earth Art Studio

Dayna Goldfine

Emmy Award-Winning Film Maker

Jane Lamacraft

British Actress and Comedy Writer

Kenny Hill

Guitarist, President Hill Guitar Company

Deborah Allen

Actress, Screenwriter and Film-Maker

Audrey Murr Copland

Spiritual Teacher and Healer

Lacy J Dalton

Country Music Star; Songwriter



Carol Leifer
Emmy-Nominated Writer; Comedian

Victoria Sweet
Professor of Medicine; Author

Mick Dawson
World Record Holder; Film-maker

Laurie R King
Internationally Bestselling Writer

Petr Cikhart; Ian Blume
Award-winning Cinematographer; Editor

Mark Pellington
Award-Winning Film-Maker

Harris Yulin, C Eaton, Teddy Sears
Actors and Director: The Sounding

Ziek McCarter

Creative Director+Vocalist of Con Brio

Geraldine Brooks
Pulitzer Author; Foreign Correspondent

Andrew Jenkins
Award-Winning Actor

Steven Friedman

Scientist; Philosopher; Artist; Performer

Lina Qadri

Artist and Academic

Michael David Lynch

Award-Winning Film Maker

Jane Gull

Award Winning Director; Screenwriter

Selvamani Selvaraj

Award Winning Filmmaker; Writer

Rita Moreno

Oscar-Winning Actress

Deborah Allen

Four Artists From Fire In The Heart

Bobby Roth

Award-Winning Film Director

Shmuel Thaler

Award-Winning Photographer

Alexander McCall Smith

Internationally Best Selling Author

Raven Wilkinson

Ballet Dancer, Actress and Mentor

Darren Korb

Composer, Audio Director, Song-Writer

Kathryn Tickell OBE

Composer and Recording Artist

Tarquin Gotch

Entertainment Industry Veteran

James Dalessandro

Screenwriter, Writer and Film-Maker

Bob Fitch

Iconic Photographer, Photo-Journalist

Tony Smith

Music Producer and Composer

Jordana Paige

Handbag Designer and Entrepreneur

Richard Stockton

Comedian, Musician and Radio Host

Danny De Lillo

British Actor, Television Host and Writer

Hampton Sides

Award-Winning Writer and Historian

Brandon Davis

Professional Race Car Driver

Mick Dawson

Film-Maker, Adventurer and Speaker

Phillip Tan

Actor, Stuntman, Fight Choreographer

Ed Penniman

Graphic Designer and Artist

Nick Trout

Veterinary Surgeon, Best-Selling Author

Dan Geller

Emmy Award-Winning Film-Maker

Eddie Adamberry

Musician, Songwriter, Music Producer

Edmund McMillen

Artist and Indie Game Designer

Laurie R King

Internationally Best-Selling Author

Kenny Butterill

Americana Music Artist

Helene Cardona

Actress, Linguist and Poet



Enrique Martinez Celaya – Part 1
Internationally Renowned Artist

Maggie Stiefvater
#1 NYT Best-Selling Author; Artist

Tad Williams
Superstar Fantasy Writer

Tom Kemp

Cory Doctorow and John Scalzi
Award Winning Science Fiction Writers

Romi Trower – ‘What If It Works?’
Director, Writer, Actor

R Denison, Bill Scott, Doug Blush
From ‘What Happened in Vegas?’

Jodi Frediani
Marine Life Photographer

Maria Semple
Best-Selling Author; Screenwriter

Mark Henderson

Co-Founder Anne & Mark’s Art Party

Camilla d’Errico

Surrealist Painter; Comic Book Artist

Jen Heck

Filmmaker; TV Producer/Director

Steve Goldbloom

Award-Winning Film Maker; Actor

James Rumsey

Film Producer; Award-Winning Director

Mary Kiio

Director; Consultant

Kathleen Powell

Cinequest President And Co-Founder

Michael Wertz

Author, Illustrator and Printer

Leslie Vanderpool

Bahamas Int. Film Festival Founder

Tyler Stenson

Singer, Songwriter and Writer

Sadia Azmat

Stand-Up Comedian; Comedy Writer

William Finnegan

Award-Winning Journalist and Author

Karen Joy Fowler

Best-selling and Award-Winning Author


Indie Rap Icon

Dwayne Johnson-Cochran

Film Director, Producer and Writer

Reif Larsen

Best-Selling Author and Film-Maker

Kathleen Crocetti

Award-Winning Conceptual Artist

Alan White

Member of Rock Band Yes

Jane Smiley

Pulitzer-Prize-Winning Writer

Garth Stein

Author, Oscar-winning Film-Maker

Sandra Gilbert

Poet, Writer and Professor at UC Davis

Becca King Reed

Television Producer/Host; Raw Chef

Antonique Rivela

Songwriter and Recording Artist

Jett Williams

Singer; Hank Williams Sr’s Daughter

Helena De Crespo

Actress and Founder of Save World Art

Carlene Carter

Country Singer-Songwriter

Michael Marshall Smith

Internationally Best-Selling Author

Dwayne Johnson Cochran

Hollywood Director, Writer, Journalist

Susana Arias

Renowned Sculptor and Painter

Geoffrey Dunn

Author, Journalist, Film-Maker, Historian

Tad Williams

Internationally Best-Selling Author

Tyler Stenson

American Singer-Songwriter

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