Should hate be criminalised? and an Interview with author, actor, speaker, mentor and knitting designer Dirk Robertson

Should hate be criminalised? and an Interview with author, actor, speaker, mentor and knitting designer Dirk Robertson

Broadcast on 7 June 2014 on KSCO AM 1080, KOMY 1340 and Live Stream

‘It’s A Question Of Balance’ balances the intellectual with the creative. The show combines a debate topic with an arts interview because discussion and creativity are two of the most vital ways we engage with the world.
HOUR 1: Talk With Listeners’ Views

Should Lying be Criminalized

We discuss our Question That Matters this week ‘Should hate be criminalised? Is a crime a crime no matter the motivation and thus all crimes should be treated equally in terms of severity of punishment? Or is a crime committed with hate actually a greater crime because it aims to hurt more people than the victim by sending a message of intimidation to a whole community? Do we need to monitor hate-motivated crimes and if so, is criminalizing hate the best way to do this? Local people share their views with Ruth on the show’s Out and About feature and listeners call in live.

HOUR 2: Begins at 0:53 minutes Interview with Dirk Robertson


I interview Scottish author, speaker, mentor and knitting designer Dirk Robertson. Member of the Mystery Writers of America and Crime Writers Association UK we talk about his life and work. Dirk began a social work career in 1979 and he held several National posts in social welfare, developing social policy, before embarking on a career in acting and writing. He is a trained Shakespearian actor, lecturer and consultant in Social Welfare/Media Studies. He is a martial artist and is the author of Martial Arts For People With Disabilities. He has written three mystery novels and numerous short stories. He currently resides in Virginia where he is promoting literacy and art projects for young gang members including working with The Fender Music Foundation that provides musical instruments to help youth trapped in a life of crime and/or gang membership. He designs and produces knitwear from recycled materials under the label Busker Knitwear and featured in a film about the global development of knitting. For more info go to Dirk Roberston’s Website

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